Have you ever found yourself walking along noisy & busy main roads in the city?

Have you ever you wondered if there are alternative, more attractive routes not far off the beaten path? Maybe there is a nice pub just around the corner, but how could you know…

The Likeways mobile application offers a novel approach towards wayfinding to its users. Instead of suggesting the quickest (and often most boring) routes between a point A and B, Likeways aims to generate exciting routes through interesting places instead, respecting the built environment and its venues.

Interesting places, such as a cozy coffee shop or a neat art gallery, can be very close (…like just around a corner in a side road!) but stay usually in the dark using common navigation apps, as long as they are not on the shortest route. With the aim to support the pleasure of walking and exploration, Likeways offers an alternative to its users to discover such hidden gems, so that their paths rather than the destination becomes the reward!

Likeways defines interesting places by their presence on social media. The number of Facebook likes indicates public popularity of a venue, that influences the route generation: The more Likes a venue generates, the more the route gets pulled towards it, hence the more likely it is that the user will discover it!

Likeways now available for iOS – enjoy your walks! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/likeways/id1054718491?mt=8


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